Saturday, February 24, 2018

Sandars Lectures 2017-18: ‘Chemical Attractions’ by Dr Peter Wothers

The Reader for the 2017-18 series of Sandars Lectures is Dr Peter Wothers, Director of Studies in Chemistry at the University of Cambridge. The title of his lectures in: ‘Chemical Attractions’....

Tea Room Closed 23-24 Feb

On Friday 23 and Saturday 24 February, the Tea Room counter service is being refurbished. There will be no food or drink on sale at the University Library.    Powered by WPeMatico

Gut instinct makes animals appear clever

Animals, including humans, can make surprisingly good decisions just based on the food in their stomach, new research suggests.Powered by WPeMatico

NHS management consultants proven to worsen a service already under pressure

Millions of pounds are being wasted each year on NHS management consultants who are causing a service already under pressure to be less efficient rather than making things better, according to...

The Bristol academic behind one of our best-loved Christmas songs

As far as Christmas songs go, ‘We Wish You a Merry Christmas’ is up there with the classics but little is known about its history – until now.Powered by WPeMatico

Bristol engineers recognised for innovative work on more environmentally friendly helicopter technology

The Italian Government has recognised research undertaken at Bristol in electric propulsion of helicopters with its National Innovation Award.Powered by WPeMatico

£400,000 funding boost to teach skills of the future

Two exciting projects to equip students and retrain current workers with the skills to tackle future technology and engineering challenges have been awarded £200,000 each.Powered by WPeMatico

The EdTechie Martin Weller’s Personal Blog: Edtech & Symbols of Permanence

I understand why tech companies like education, but I don’t understand why they like it so much. Obviously, there’s money, the global education market is estimated at $4.4 trillion. Get a...

When did flowers originate?

Flowering plants likely originated between 149 and 256 million years ago according to new UCL-led research, co-authored by the University of Bristol.Powered by WPeMatico

Kevin Elyot Award for Writer-in-Residence – call for submissions 2018

Applications are now open for the University of Bristol Theatre Collection 2018 Kevin Elyot Award – created in memory of the acclaimed actor and writer.Powered by WPeMatico


Myths surrounding the IELTS exam

The IELTS exam is likely one of the hottest types of English language proficiency on the earth, however there are a lot of myths surrounding it...

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